What is Google Adworeds?

Search engine optimization is a proven way to attract new site visitors and improve a company’s online reputation, but it takes time. For business owners that really need to see immediate results, Google Adworeds is often a better option. Read on to find out why.

A Fair Chance for Emerging Brands

Google’s search engine algorithms generally prioritize big brands in their organic search rankings, which can leave the little guys struggling to keep up. AdWords helps to place them on more even footing by allowing smaller companies that haven’t yet built their organic search rankings to pay to have their websites placed at the top of the page. This solution isn’t really designed to completely replace search engine optimization as an online marketing strategy, but to allow smaller business owners to kickstart their online marketing and SEO campaigns.

Getting the Bid

Google’s AdWords marketplace functions sort of like an auction. Website owners place monetary bids for that top spot as a sponsored search result, but AdWords doesn’t necessarily award the coveted #1 position to the highest bidder. Instead, Google evaluates both the monetary price of the bid with the quality of the website to choose who wins.

How it Works

Once a website owner has won an AdWords bid, his or her site will be designated as a sponsored result and placed at the top of the page. From that point on, any time a browser navigates to the site through this sponsored link, the site owner pays Google for each click. The company’s cost per click, or CPC, often winds up being lower than the maximum bid placed during the bidding process if the website is well-designed and optimized to perform well in search engine rankings.

Getting Started

Once readers have decided to invest some of their companies’ advertising budgets in an AdWords campaign, they’ll have to set up an account through Google. They can go ahead and set up accounts at just about any time, but it’s usually a good idea to read through a few tutorials and learn more about what to expect from AdWords marketing prior to placing a bid.