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A beautiful smile isn’t just about straight teeth. There are fewer gum problems and teeth are easier to clean if properly aligned. Headaches and speech problems can occur if teeth are crooked. There also can be a negative impact on a person’s ability to eat if their teeth are misaligned. Improved health and confidence can be directly linked to healthy and aligned teeth. The idea of wearing braces for a few years, however, often times steers a person’s desire for straight teeth. Due to leaps in orthodontic technology, there are various options when it comes to aligning teeth.

An unappealing part of braces, for both adults and teenagers, is how visible they can be. A different option from traditional braces is ceramic ones. Ceramic braces are less noticeable than traditional braces because they match the color of teeth. To prevent staining and discolor, which can happen if ceramic braces aren’t cared for properly, listen to an orthodontist’s instructions.

Pain and discomfort are one the most common complaints about wearing traditional braces. Uncomfortable pressure is placed on the teeth after routine tightening. A different brace style can straighten teeth without ties. Visiting the orthodontist to check on the teeth will be less frequent during an Invisalign treatment. The aligners can also be removed when needed, a popular perk to Invisalign. Now that there is no hassle in daily tasks such as eating and brushing, the Invisalign aligners should and can be removed for those type of daily tasks.

There has been many advances from the headgear and dental braces in orthodontics. There is always a list of pros and cons with every alignment treatment to consider. Talking with an orthodontist will help navigate you in the right direction. Treatment options, whichever you choose, will leave you with a healthy smile and straight teeth.

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