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History of ACA and Changes Under Trump

All non-disabled adults would get medical care from the Affordable Care Unit. These were the adults that received a low income only. There were various goals ACA had when it was enacted. This included enrollment of uninsured residents. Another goal was ensuring that people with low income would be able to access healthcare. ACA was also focused on promoting personal responsibility and value-based decision decision-making. ACA was also focused on promoting prevention and primary care. ACA was also focused on ensuring that management of the program was efficient. It also wanted to enhance fiscal responsibility. After ACA was enacted it worked to ensure that adequate health care services were provided. Chronic disease progression was also prevented using secondary treatments.

Parents with dependant children who had low income were also covered when ACA was approved. Individuals who had a high income were then were ten eligible for tax credits. This helped them purchase coverage through new health insurance marketplace. These had been developed by ACA. In this case a personal wellness and responsibility account was created. This account was helpful in covering the initial medical costs. There were incentives provided for those people that utilized services in a cost effective manner. There was also an account of preventive care developed. Individuals in this case were covered up to a certain percentage. No deductibles nor withdrawal would be made from the power account. There were state power account contributionsthat would be carried over when you obtained preventive care. This ensured that patients did not have to go straight to the emergency room when seeking treating. This has prevented the number of premature deaths. People in this case sought the medical care of physicians first.

President Trump decided to come up with new laws when the congress refused to replace and repeal the ACA. There was ordering of the health, Labor and human services to propose regulations. Individuals and small businesses benefited from the expansion of different types of plans. This would allow more small employers with few employees to form association health plans. This made it possible for them to sell low cost and short term insurance.

He also insisted that payments for insurers were cut down. This was on the discounts they provide to policyholders who earn moderate income. This means insurance companies will have to get the money they were promised through their own ways. People would get access to different health types through the executive order that Trump signed. This was a move focused on people who buy their own insurance. This was a move to promote health care choice and competition in all states. This was something that was going to make most people very happy.

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