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Why Insurance Claims Are Important

Insurance is truly God sent.Insurance has protected people from all sorts of accidents like burglary, fire, or even an expensive phone falling in a toilet.Other than full indemnity from accidents, insurance gives people peace of mind in the event that these accidents occur.

It has been reported that some people may apply for insurance because the law requires them to be insured.Other people may pay for premiums because it is their nature to be extra cautious with their valuables.Mitigating any future sufferings and pain may be another factor that triggers the need to take insurance covers among other folks.

The list of these weird insurance claims and policies is unending.Here is a sample of weird insurance claims covering body parts for celebrities and scrapes for ordinary citizens among many others.

It is not unusual for celebrities to ensure their body parts.If you want to maintain your fame, why not take insurance cover for that thing that will bring you this fame.For example, Crooner Tom Jones is reported to have cashed in money over his chest hair and manly body.

If you have a good behind, why not ensure it?One renowned celebrity by the name Jennifer Lopez is rumored to have paid millions to have her buttocks protected.Perhaps the reason why she has created the household phrase ‘baby got back’ in her career.

Other superstars have even insured their legs.For example, the former runway model of Victoria Secrets, Heidi Klum, has insured her legs to the tune of 1.2 million dollars and 1 million dollars for the right and left leg respectively.
Another type of insurance policy on high demand today is that of multiple births.People who want to conceive are taking invitro fertilization, which is said to be successful for the hoi polloi.

It is surprising that people are taking insurance policies over weird situations like finding yourself in another planet.Some of these insurance covers for such situations include alien abduction insurance or the private flood insurance. It is incredible to note that you can cash in any settlement that goes in the wrong direction.For instance, one court ruled in favor of a North Carolina attorney who had cashed on his cigars in the event that a storm, flood, or fire destroys his cigars.

The insurance claim of ‘herd’ has become common today.One farmer in the U.K recovered his smartphone that had disappeared in one stormy night when taking care of his livestock.

Another nutty insurance claim is over coconuts.These fruits are reported to have the ability to end the lives of 150 people every year. click here to learn more about insurance.

Believe it or not, you can take an insurance claim over mental anguish when a burglary goes south.For instance, one burglar was awarded one million dollars after being stuck in a house.Finally, you can insure your teeth.If your teeth fall out while vomiting, you can be assured of a reward.